Mechanical Engg. Department

The B.Tech courses in Mechanical Engineering are broad based and integral with emphasis on fundamental concepts to enable the students to become confident engineers capable of solving wide range of problems encountered by them in the field.

The courses are planned to train the students both in theory and practical work in the following areas of Mechanical Engg.: Machine Design, Stress Analysis. Theory of Machines, Measurements and Automatic Control, Thermodynamics, Thermal Machines, Power Plant Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Production Engineering, Industrial Engineerin

The students are given normal workshop training to familiarize them with the working of machine tools found in industry. They are also given project problems covering design, fabrication, testing, manufacturing aspects thus giving them opportunities to develop their capabilities to solve practical problems through the use of computers.

UG PEO Mechanical Engg.

To enhance the knowledge and skills of the students in the field of Mechanical Engineering

To pursue research and development in Mechanical Engineering and other areas of Science and Technology

To motivate the students about use of modern tools, machines, instruments and software's for lifelong learning

To create awareness among the students about society, team work and professional ethics

Industry Partner of Mechanical Engineering Department 2021-22

Industry Partner of Mechanical Engineering Department 2021-22

Lab Details of Mechanical Engineering Department

Coordinators/Mentors/Counsellers/advisors of the classes in Mechanical Engineering Department